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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Tuesday, October 21

Terrorstorm - 112 Min

Our leaders have told us that the war on terror may last a hundred years; a new kind of war against a shadowy enemy that can n ever be defeated. Generation after generation will have to lay down its liberty in an endless war for global empire The evil men who rise to power know well that terrorism is the perfect specter to convince populations to relinquish their lib erty in the name of security. TERRORSTORM explores who pulls the strings and who benefits from the dark spectacle of modern warfare. This incredible new fil m answers the questions: Do the people know how they are controlled? Do they understand the systems of power that surround them, the modern propaganda machines of public relations that wash their brains and fill their minds full of ball games and mindless fluff? Is the population beginning to realize that governments throughout history have used the specter of fear to drive their popula tions to acquiesce to total tyranny? TERRORSTORM examines September 11th, the Iraq War, the 7/7 Bombings in London, and the coming invasion of Iran to reveal the c onnections between these seemingly separate events. Jones reviews the current geopolitical structure in the shadow of 9/11 thr ough a focused historical lens and uncovers accounts of government sponsored terrorism that are openly admitted to by western governments.

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