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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Thursday, November 27

Ask the cave man 2:37

CNN's Frederik Pleitgen goes to a unique man to get advice on how to deal with the financial crisis.

Monday, November 24

Interview Masaru Emoto

Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about the effects of his discovery for us in daily life
Water medicijn geneest healing masaru emoto interview rice rijst

Emoto Peace Project

Symbols In Healing- Reiki (1 - 4)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Reiki Symbols

Explanation of the traditional Usui reiki symbols and how they are used.

How to boost your Immune System. The latest Bio-Technology - Transfer Factors

Part 1

Part 2

Dr.Rob Robertson will reveal to you the secret to Boost your Immune System IQ without using Drugs. The Secret is the discovery of "Transfer Factor", which is considered the greatest discovery in the history of preventive medicine.
It's a Natural Molecule and it's going to change the way we look after our body

What are Transfer Factors?

not a vitamin

not a mineral

not an herb

not a phytonutrient

Transfer Factors are the smallest molecules in colostrum. Every mother who breast-feeds her infant passes on her own immunity -- in fact she passes on all of the information her immune system has gained during her lifetime. This process begins with the first milk; the pre-maternal milk called colostrum. The most valuable of the "immunity weapons" in colostrum are the smallest molecules called Transfer Factors.

2. What do Transfer Factors do?
Three important functions of transfer factors:

Boost the immune system

Increase the intelligence of the immune system

Modulate the immune system - and much, much more

1) Boosts the immune system by boosting Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells are a key part of our body's defense against infection and sickness. They seek and destroy infected or malignant cells through direct contact. NK cells are especially important in fighting cancer cells, and cells infected by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

2) Raises our immune I.Q. Transfer Factors download a 'blueprint' of the mother's immune system to the recipient. This provides thousands of new 'photographs' for our immune system to quickly recognise new threats. They provide accurate information to build a swift attack, cutting down the time it takes to fight infection. They provide immune markers to more quickly guide T cell reactions to an invader.

3) Suppresses an over-active immune system. An out-of-control immune system attacks healthy cells. The suppressor fraction of Transfer Factor dampens down this activity. This fraction of Transfer Factor is particularly effective in helping autoimmune conditions.

Who discovered Transfer Factor?

In 1949, Dr H. Sherwood Lawrence made a very significant discovery. In the process of studying tuberculosis, which was a major health threat at the time, he discovered an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient through an injection of an extract of white blood cells.
Further investigation led him to conclude that this immune extract must contain "factors" that made it possible to transfer the donor's immunity to the recipient. He called these molecules "transfer factors."

In 1989, two researchers completed what was to become a patented process for actually extracting transfer factors from cow colostrum, resulting in a concentrated form. In 1999, the effectiveness and safety of transfer factor supplementation was validated by scores of clinical studies worldwide. Scientists are just beginning to grasp the profound implications of transfer factor therapy in determining the health of not only present, but future generations.

Dr Gary Wilson and Dr Greg Paddock successfully completed a myriad of tests to win USDA approval for their transfer factor technology. It is this unique, patented technology that makes it possible to isolate or to separate transfer factors from cow colostrum. Through this extraction technique, pure transfer factors can be collected from the cow's first milk, dried and then encapsulated for human consumption.

Do Health Professionals work with Transfer Factor?
Yes. There are already Health Professionals working with Transfer Factor all around the world, including many renowned surgeons and doctors who recommend Transfer Factor to all their patients included asthma , eczema, and fibromyalgia and for anyone who want to stay healthy.

Dr Russell Blaylock Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame MSG - 49 min

Dr Russell Blaylock Nutrition and Behavior MSG

Nutricion and Behavior
A Lecture by Russell Blaylock

The Truth about Aspartame
by Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Friday, November 21

Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing

Dr. Edward Bach Center

Part 1 - 9,47 min.

Part 2 - 9,19 min.

Part 3 - 4,40 min.

In‎ ‎use‎ ‎since‎ ‎the‎ ‎‎1‎‎9‎‎3‎‎0‎s‎,‎‎ ‎Bach‎ ‎Flower‎ ‎Remedies‎ ‎are‎ ‎known‎ ‎throughout‎ ‎the‎ ‎world‎ ‎as‎ ‎a‎ ‎safe‎ ‎and‎ ‎effective‎ ‎form‎ ‎of‎ ‎complementary‎ ‎medicine‎.‎‎ ‎This‎ ‎documentary‎ ‎looks‎ ‎at‎ ‎the‎ ‎discovery‎ ‎of‎ ‎the‎ ‎Flower‎ ‎Remedies‎ ‎by‎ ‎Dr‎ ‎Edward‎ ‎Bach‎ ‎and‎ ‎explains‎ ‎the‎ ‎tradition‎ ‎of‎ ‎making‎ ‎the‎ ‎Mother‎ ‎Tinctures‎.
History of Bach

Welcome to Rescue

Monday, November 17

The Tibet Project - a documentary in the making - 4,20 min.

World governments sit back and watch as Tibet faces possible extinction. The Dalai Lama advocates the Middle Way Approach but many Tibetans say things must now change. In this fight against time for Tibet, who is right ? Tibet is an issue with relevance to the entire world.
A documentary in the making by independent film makers based in Adelaide, South Australia. For more information visit www.thetibetproject.com

Dental Education from Australian volunteerers inTashi Palkhiel

Part 1 - 9,22 min.

Outlining the relief work we are doing in Nepal with Tibetan and Nepali people. Both Dental and education services are provided. The past three years and where we are heading. Give us your support. www.tashipa.com and www.lammag.com

Part 2 - 8,59 min.

Second half of a fund raising movie showing the relief work which has been done by Tashi Palkhiel AUstralia. Dentistry and education to both Tibetan and Nepali people in Nepal. www.tashipa.com and www.lammag.com

Quecksilber the strange story of dental amalgam - 11,08 min.

A preview of a one hour fully referenced documentary about the enormous danger of mercury from dental amalgam. At www.lammag.com and www.bcd.com.au


The Road to Guantanamo 2006 - 92 Min

Channel 4
Starring: Farhad Harun, Arfan Usman, Rizwan Ahmed, Waqar Siddiqi, Shahid Iqbal Directed by: Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross 95 minutes, UK (2006), In this compelling docudrama by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross, the 'Tipton Three' narrate their own experiences in America's controversial offshore detention camp The Road To Guantánamo opens with archive footage of George W Bush, flanked by a stern-faced Tony Blair, declaring his certain knowledge that all the detainees held in Guantánamo are "bad people". Everything that follows is designed to turn these words inside out, as three young British Muslims tell the story of how they came to be in US custody at Guantánamo for over two years, and discuss the Kafkaesque horrors that awaited them there, until finally they were released without charge or apology. The title may evoke the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope 'Road' movies of the 1940s, travel-themed musical comedies with a vaguely racist depiction of non-Americans, but the exotic journey embarked upon by the so-called 'Tipton Three' was to take them into areas that were politically incorrect in an altogether different way. It would be easy to criticise The Road to Guantánamo for being one-sided (it is), and for failing to contextualise the conduct of the US (there is not even a passing mention of 9/11), but such objections miss the point. Many times Bush, Blair and other politicians have used their considerable public platforms to present a similarly partisan, at times even subsequently discredited justification for different aspects of their 'War on Terror', including the unlimited detention without trial of men like the Tipton Three. The trio, and the more than 800 prisoners who remain at America's Cuban base, were not able to communicate their version of events to a lawyer or judge, let alone to the outside world. The Road To Guantánamo gives them their day in court, and the story these "bad people" tell is one that well deserves a hearing

Saturday, November 15

The Corporation Movie

Part 1 - 86 Min

Part 2 - 60 Min

A Film By Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan

Monday, November 10

David Dees - Jeso "Sheepsrage"

All sheep are equal but some are more equal...

watch david's illustrations and support the march...

The Art of David Dees

David Dees Illustration

Saturday, November 1

Large Hadron Rap

Rappin' about CERN's Large Hadron Collider! Links below...

Apparently YouTube fixed the sound! Still, Will Barras made two options trying to get around the original problems:
Other YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T 3iryBLZCOQ
Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/1431471?pg=embed...

Vimeo is downloadable if you log in.

There has been a lot of interest in the original mp3, lyrics, and vocals for remixing. You can find all that here:

There's also been interest in translation. You can get a subtitle-free version from Vimeo here (downloadable):

With backing track available here (with and without Hawking-style voice):

Go ahead and translate, rap it, and post it! Just give us a shout-out, and it's probably a good idea to include the following credits ;-)

Images came from:
particlephysics.ac.uk, space.com, the Institute of Physics, NASA, Symmetry, and Marvel

I forgot Einstein Online, and they called me out: http://www.einstein-online.info

The talented dancers doubled as camera people, with some work by Neil Dixon. Stock footage is CERN's.

Will Barras is responsible for the killa beats:

And thanks to MC Hawking, who first thought of using computer-voice to bring Stephen Hawking to the world of rap :-)

The rapper has a day job (we agree this is a good thing) as a science writer.

They'll have a lot of data to sort. 15 million GB per year, actually. Want to get involved and donate your computer's downtime? Try LHC@home:

The Large Hadron Rap Lyrics

Twenty-seven kilometers of tunnel under ground
Designed with mind to send protons around
A circle that crosses through Switzerland and France
Sixty nations contribute to scientific advance
Two beams of protons swing round, through the ring they ride
‘Til in the hearts of the detectors, they’re made to collide
And all that energy packed in such a tiny bit of room
Becomes mass, particles created from the vacuum
And then…

LHCb sees where the antimatter’s gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
They’re looking for whatever new particles they can find.
The LHC accelerates the protons and the lead
And the things that it discovers will rock you in the head.

We see asteroids and planets, stars galore
We know a black hole resides at each galaxy’s core
But even all that matter cannot explain
What holds all these stars together – something else remains
This dark matter interacts only through gravity
And how do you catch a particle there’s no way to see
Take it back to the conservation of energy
And the particles appear, clear as can be

You see particles flying, in jets they spray
But you notice there ain’t nothin’, goin’ the other way
You say, “My law has just been violated – it don’t make sense!
There’s gotta be another particle to make this balance.”
And it might be dark matter, and for first
Time we catch a glimpse of what must fill most of the known ‘Verse.

LHCb sees where the antimatter’s gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
They’re looking for whatever new particles they can find.

Antimatter is sort of like matter’s evil twin
Because except for charge and handedness of spin
They’re the same for a particle and its anti-self
But you can’t store an antiparticle on any shelf
Cuz when it meets its normal twin, they both annihilate
Matter turns to energy and then it dissipates

When matter is created from energy
Which is exactly what they’ll do in the LHC
You get matter and antimatter in equal parts
And they try to take that back to when the universe starts
The Big Bang – back when the matter all exploded
But the amount of antimatter was somehow eroded
Because when we look around we see that matter abounds
But antimatter’s nowhere to be found.
That’s why…

LHCb sees where the antimatter’s gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
They’re looking for whatever new particles they can find.
The LHC accelerates the protons and the lead
And the things that it discovers will rock you in the head.

The Higgs Boson – that’s the one that everybody talks about.
And it’s the one sure thing that this machine will sort out
If the Higgs exists, they ought to see it right away
And if it doesn’t, then the scientists will finally say
“There is no Higgs! We need new physics to account for why
Things have mass. Something in our Standard Model went awry.”

But the Higgs – I still haven’t said just what it does
They suppose that particles have mass because
There is this Higgs field that extends through all space
And some particles slow down while other particles race
Straight through like the photon – it has no mass
But something heavy like the top quark, it’s draggin’ its ***
And the Higgs is a boson that carries a force
And makes particles take orders from the field that is its source.
They’ll detect it….

LHCb sees where the antimatter’s gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
They’re looking for whatever new particles they can find.

Now some of you may think that gravity is strong
Cuz when you fall off your bicycle it don’t take long
Until you hit the earth, and you say, “Dang, that hurt!”
But if you think that force is powerful, you’re wrong.
You see, gravity – it’s weaker than Weak
And the reason why is something many scientists seek
They think about dimensions – we just live in three
But maybe there are some others that are too small to see
It’s into these dimensions that gravity extends
Which makes it seem weaker, here on our end.
And these dimensions are “rolled up” – curled so tight
That they don’t affect you in your day to day life
But if you were as tiny as a graviton
You could enter these dimensions and go wandering on
And they'd find you...

When LHCb sees where the antimatter’s gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
They’re looking for whatever new particles they can find.
The LHC accelerates the protons and the lead
And the things that it discovers will rock you in the head.

Heróis - Heroes - Герои - 英雄 - ήρωες - Helden - नायकों -

HD video :

English :

"Truth or consequence, say it aloud! Use that evidence, race it around!"

This awesome production video was made by a friend, Chewbacca2000.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is growing fast, and it will keep on growing because once youve looked into the facts of 9/11, you can only come to the conclusion that the official story simply CANNOT be true. And once you realise that, theres no going back. Over 80% of Americans believe there was a cover up.


too alarming now to talk about
take your pictures down
and shake it out
truth or consequence, say it aloud
use that evidence race it around

there goes my hero
watch him as he goes
there goes my hero
he's ordinary

don't the best of them bleed it out
while the rest of them peter out
truth or consequence, say it aloud
use that evidence race it around

kudos my hero
leaving all the best
you know my hero
the one that's on

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