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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Thursday, October 9

Are you ready to go home to 5-D Earth? - 8,46 min.

from http://www.maya12-21-2012.com/

Certain vibrations of fear and hate can not coexist on 5-D Earth. Now is the time to reprogram our minds to the vibration of love because this window of opportunity will not last long.

Why will people get left behind?

1. Some people are not spiritually in vibration with the rest of the planet.

2. Some people live in fear. We have two basic emotions: love and fear.

3. Some people place a high value on money.

4. Some people place a high value of materialistic items.

5. Some people are greedy.

6. Some people are control freaks.

7. Some people think the world revolves around them.

8. Some people are not consciously practicing unconditional love to one another.

9. Some people constantly think negative thoughts.

10. Some people are trapped inside the box.

Did you ever wonder, Why do we even need to work? To earn money??? What if money didnt exist anymore? What type of work will we be doing in a peaceful, coexisting society? We were taught that we need money and have to work, yet most of our hard earned money goes to the 13 controlling bloodlines who rule this planet.
You can continue to follow the flock and remain with these bloodlines or begin your spiritual journey right now! This window of opportunity will not be open much longer. Our 3rd dimensional life is all about the decisions we make and how those decisions affect our daily lives. Lets face it, we all know somebody who seems to enjoy being miserable so its okay if that person decides to miss this opportunity and is content living on 3D Earth.
Don't worry about anyone who is evil or corrupted. Their vibrations will keep the locked in this reality. Their evil and darkness is actually needed to awaken people to their true spiritual purpose. You didnt incarnate to become rich and wealthy. Youre here to make a difference on this planet and to witness the Golden Age. Before you agreed to come here, you knew you could make a difference in this world and that you wouldnt follow the flock.
If youre awakened at this point, life is truly beautiful. If you havent, including the powers currently ruling this planet, theres still the opportunity to make this transition but the window is closing little by little each day.
The boat for 5-D Earth will be departing soon. There are 6.6 billion people on this planet and 6.6 billion reservations made. Everyone has the opportunity be part of this process which only comes around approximately once every 26,000 years.

Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth??

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