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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
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Thursday, October 16

Blossom Goodchild

Blossom Goodchild updates 16th October 7,43 min.

It's gotta be difficult to be in her shoes right now.

I don't think any hatred toward Blossom is going to help the situation. If she intended to misinform people, then she'll have her own karma to deal with and won't need any additional hatred from anyone else.

If she truly meant what she said, then I admire her for following her own truth and conviction. More people should follow their own heart instead of being so heavily influenced by others.

I always look at the positive side of any situation. During these several months, this news story was being followed by millions of people around the planet. With that kind of public interest, one would think a major newspaper or television station would pick up on the story but they didn't. That shows how the mainstream media is following their own agenda and that the possibility of this might be damaging to the sheep mentality. Mainstream media does not like to encourage people to think outside the box.

There were many people who followed the flock mentality regarding this story. Deep inside, most of them probably hoped for a "First Contact" but wanted to protect their egos and the possibility that they would be publicly humiliated by hoping for such an event to occur. Deep inside, whether they know it or not, many of these sheeple admire the courage Blossom had for speaking her truth and most of these people were, at least, partially excited about the possibility of a First Contact event.

Casinos were taking action of this event with the odds initially listed at 1000-1. The odds dropped to 100-1 after many people placed bets on First Contact. Eventually, the casinos stopped taking bets because too many people were betting on the event to occur and the casinos wouldn't be able to pay any additional bettors if the event occurred. I'm sure the casinos were following this event quite closely.

That brings us to those who had no clue about this event, but decided to follow the story to see where it would go. During this time period, some people began their spiritual journey after being awakened through this news item and through subsequent research of the metaphysical world. To those people, I say, "Welcome aboard" and don't lose focus of what it about to occur in the next few years.

Whether Blossom intentionally misled people or not, she, and everyone else on this planet, deserves the same unconditional love and forgiveness that we all should be showing one another.

2012 Gregg

Blossom Goodchild clarifies October 14th 8,57 min.

Blossom Goodchild clarifies FACTS regarding October 14th

1 comment:

John said...

Nice post about poor Blossom. I wrote pretty much the same thing on my blog.


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