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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Wednesday, February 25

Noreag ~ Achernahr - The Arrivals Series

Part 1 - 1:54:34

Part-1 of The Arrivals Series Proof from Holy Quran, Mind control feat. George Carlin, Children's mind control, Proof of Antichrist's arrival, Architecture & energy, Battle of Human Energy, Pharaohs of Today, Shocking Evidence of Pharaohs, Hashemsfilms, New World Order, Musical Sorcery, Light up the darkness

Part 2 -

Part-2 of The Arrivals Series Lady in Red., The Hollywood, Hollywood & The Promised Land, The Media & Islam, War on Terror, The Hypocrisy of Democracy, The UFO Phenomena, What Is Yet To Come, Our Satanic Pop Culture, Materialism & The Battle Within

Part 3 -

Part-3 of The Arrivals Series Freedom Unplugged, The Antichrist Dajjal Is Here, Why Satanism is Practiced by Leaders, The Truth About The gods, Checkered Floor and The gods, The Great Deception, The Most Valuable Truth, The Choice is Yours, The Infiltration of Religion, The Temple of Solomon

Part 4 -

Part-4 of The Arrivals Series The Story of Jesus, The Sun god, The Story of Islam, The Prophet's Lineage, The Common Ground, The Bloodlines, The Gatekeepers, The Symbolism of 9-11, The Significance of The Kaaba, The Kaaba & the 9-11 Ritual, The Complete Human

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