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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Thursday, February 26

HAINIDES Concert Against State Violence Athens Greece 19.12.2008 - 9:56


Message from the HAINIDES:

"...Hi guys! Venceremos!

The violence of a stone or a molotov is not violence. Violence is drinking Coca-Cola.
Violence is being in upright villages, in apartment complexes. Violence is sitting on couches watching television. Violence is from nursery to post-graduate school, 30 years in institutions; institutionalization, when all mammals - small kittens, tiger cubs and puppies - are at their peak of activity and at their prime, that is violence.

Violence is heteronomy. If Texaco and Mobil want, they can have a war in the Aegean anytime. What democracy are we talking about? Bourgeois democracies are dead because they have an inbuilt contradiction. The contradiction is the following: on the one hand they praise and promote individuality and on the other they press everyone into a morass of conformity.

I believe all peoples and mankind are not judged by what they have, but by what they give. And if Greece has one value it is not an ancient past, it's that it is a crossroads.
A crossroads that can send a new signal.

The signal of self-organization, of autonomy, of self-regulation. Naturally we do not want a greater salary than anyone else. We do not want a 1,400-euro minimum wage. We want wage and income equality for all men and women.

We want a society that will be based on being childlike. Children have some characteristics that history has utilized. One characteristic is the ability to see clearly when reacting. It is exploring. And, mainly, it is immaturity. I stand on our immaturity and our childlikeness.

But, for all this to take place we need a radical restructuring. A restructuring even of our language code.

In other words, is it by chance that the language we use is itself authoritarian? For example: From the age of two tots are told by their mother 'My child, go quickly to the toilet to do your kaka!' So he will do. He will take a crap, clean himself, have fun, unburden himself.

That is where guilt becomes associated with our ass. Do you understand this? Guys, authority is not something nuclear that acts everywhere in ever expanding rays. It is a veil that constantly passes through us.

It is authority from father to son, from mother to daughter, from one friend to another. It requires a radical restructuring.

And I believe we can provide a thunderous example of self-organization and self-regulation. Guys, the whole world wil get the message. We only need to calm our nerves.

The streets are our schools. And the squares. And the buildings. Our cities need a partial explosion of course. We want organic produce, gentle forms of energy.
Tomorrow's society must be psychotherapeutic for whoever seeks authority. Whoever seeks authority must be gravely ill. That is how you must deal with him.

True society is everywhere. And the centuries-old stereotypes and divisions must be abolished. We are everything, all. We do not judge or determine anyone.

Guys, Venceremos! Guys, we all have a tiger within us! The only true uprising is the one that is everlasting. ..."

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