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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Sunday, September 21

Hun Nab Ku "The Galactic Butterfly" - 4,46min.

"Hun Nab Ku" is a powerful music video produced for The Butterfly Concert by Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace.
The music was written and arranged by Santa Cruz's own millenial shamanic troubador, Papadave Potter aka Whitehorse with band members Marey Bird and Monica McGuire. All
are members of Dreamseeker www.dreamseekerband.com, a musical tribal revival with joyful ancestral resonance.

"Hun Nab Ku", a powerful catalyst coaxing the birth of a New Age with heart wisdom and magic, contains cosmic images provided by Celestine Star of Golden Star Productions www.goldenstarproductions.us

It is dedicated to the spirit of the late Ian Lungold of Mayan Majix who
wrote the text that inspired
Whitehorse's lyrics.

According to the Mayans, the symbol of Hun Nab Ku is the Galactic Butterfly
at the center of the Milky Way. The late Ian Lungold wrote that it is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed. This is all of our physical ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems. Big Meaning. So big that the original Maya had no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like having
no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this is where Jose Arguelles came across it. The name Hunab Ku means the "one giver of movement and measure." The indigenous peoples call it "The Galactic
Butterfly." Butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy.
You can see its image at www.mayanmajix.com/gb250.html

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