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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
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Sunday, January 11

Michio Kaku - Another dire warning for 2012 - 4:14

Michio Kaku, a somewhat regular on Coast to Coast A.M., especially duriing the Art Bell years, appears on Fox News, predicting a cataclysmic event coming in the year 2012. Go figure! Don't worry, though, he's not some religious nut. He's not a tin-foil-hat kind of guy. No, he's a highly respected theoretical physicist. Or in other words, he's another college professor that has all of the answers.



Anonymous said...

M.Kaku is more than respected
he is co-founder of the string field theory in particle physics.
Heed his warnings.

I could I will said...

The fact that it's fox news and that they filled up the 4 minutes with many little NLP messages (pointing God, mentioning internet doom as a first possible outcome, the American flag -which will save the day then) invites me to be a bit skeptic about this. We know "they" don't like the internet or even the mobile which gives us so much communication. And there is a search for an answer to "how to stop these?". Something like this happening can be a very good reason, even without it actually happening. How would we know anyway, why the internet does not work, or who'll doubt the reasons after we've been told for 3 years that solar activity will do it? Will be interesting to see.

Just last week there was another news in the mass media about the polar shift. It seems they start to enjoy taking all these and adding them into their fear culture.

Mind-In-Peace said...

Hi, friends.
Thank you much for your comments.
Personally I agree to that a scientist with such background to give such warnings, then it is sure something important.
Next I will point also that speaks mainly for the loss that big corporations may have and not for the impact in our lives.
We know more or less the interests that fox news and other similar medias are serving.
Now there is much evidence pointed from diverse other sources, that indeed something is going on up there, in our times and is influencing in many levels our lives and the Earth generally. Both positively and not so, until to extrem situations.
So my opinion is that if the internet will stop because of general universe activities, will not be the only one to be infuenced and for my opinion always, will be more effects in other levels for us to experience. If some distortion hapens in the internet and only there or with the bigest damage in our wordwide communication, then we know where that came from.
Maybe not all of the people will know but people who know where or how to look ;-)
I want also to point out, to make clear that I presented this film to you as an option to think and mainly intuitively feel about, as with all the films do, and as my sincere intent and in no way to serve their well known fear culture or any of their agendas.

Thank you very much for being here!

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