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Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro

Shift of the Ages - movie with Don Alejandro
Participate and co-create the film! Help Spreading the message of the Mayan Elders to humanity for Love- Peace - Unity in the co-creation for a new world in harmony!

Tuesday, December 23

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz - The Love Code Seminar - The Concert for the Living Water, "LIVE H2O," Promotion - 11:33

DVD" he provides background on why this historic global concert to bless the "Living Water" is civilizations best chance for achieving lasting peace, world health, and universal prosperity

LOVE the real Da Vinci CODE

In this clip from Dr. Horowitz's "The LOVE CODE Seminar DVD" he provides background on why LIVE H2O is destined to be historic and globally healing--a concert baptism to bless the "Living Water" is civilizations best chance for achieving lasting peace, world health, and universal prosperity. Share this introduction and great news with others, and support LIVE H2O by visiting www.liveh2o.org.

Concert For The Living Waters



Perilous times demand extraordinary measures, including celebrations, prayers, and a historic "wedding."

This invitation features the BEST NEWS you have possibly ever heard. Press releases, video, and articles linked below feature the solution to our planet's and people's worst problems. "The Remedy in Time for 2009" is LIVE H2O--"The Concert for the Living Water," now only 6 months away!

You will want to read these articles carefully to integrate this information fully, especially how LIVE H2O intends to fulfill many prophecies, Judeo-Christian and Native/Aboriginal. Once you "get" this "Plan," then you will want to do everything you can to share this promise and great hope with others, and help promote everyone's participation in LIVE H2O.
Life will never be the same following this international "wedding" celebration. LIVE H2O marries the "universal solvent,"--Water, with the "universal language"--music, to produce the "universal healer"--LOVE. Your support, and millions of others globally, assures that our "New Song" shall open people's hearts, and raise people's awareness, to co-create lasting Peace on Earth, World Health, and Universal Prosperity.

Beyond naive idealism, this "wedding" is all about ending needless suffering due to political impositions and socioeconomic ignorance. It is endorsed by many of the world's leading scientists, physicians, mathematicians, physics, and musicologists.Β This "Plan" can free humanity optimally and practically from degenerative insanity and self-destructive policies. LIVE H2O provides simple solutions to complex problems facing humanity and ecology today, that you will want to sing about and celebrate with your family and friends.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting HealthyWorldStore. com that is helping to finance and actualize this most wonderful spiritual blessing and holiday celebration.

After the "wedding," everyday is going to
be a holiday.

Much LOVE in 528; in the Spirit of health,

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
Overseer, Managing Member
Healthy World Distributing, LLC


Water Concert Brings John Lennon's
"Plan" and Beatles Saga to Life

GOOGLE Video: Dr. Horowitz Discusses
LIVE H2O and The Living Water

Historic Concert to Bless Water for
Peace, Health and Prosperity

Pi, PHI, 528 and LIVE H20: Proof that the Frequency 528(Hz) is Central to Spiritual Freedom, Transformational Math, Sacred Geometry, Matrix Cosmology, and the "Music of the Light."

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